- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Thousand years »
Ulrik Munther

Every time I think of her
I think in pictures not in words
They call her eyes the truth
Peanut butter, jelly toast
The simple wave, the golden coast
A rainbow on the moon

Snow on a christmas tree
Warm summer winds and frozen fields
The autumn leaves that fall
Like clouds up in the sky
Some images they drift on by
Some stay within my heart

Chorus :
Cause if a thousand years from now
Someone would find this song somehow
If alien invaders could hear it
Then baby they would love you too
Just like I do, just like I do

Every time I think of her
I think of sounds and not of words
They make the pictures talk

The whistle of a nightingale
The rumble from the midnight train
The silence of the stars


And in a thousand years from now
Will these sounds be around?
Will these pictures be found?
Will they know what you mean to me?