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« Tupac and biggie tribute »
Linkin Park

september 13 1996 tupac in da mist of some midnight bullshit
nobody saw it coming nobody knew wut hit
its been almost seven yrs since u been gone we all miss u dawg thats
why i wrote this song from me against the world to all eyes on me u was
a reall muthafucha yah u made me see uh uh yah u made me see
i said nobody saw it coming nobody even knows why someone please tell
me why u had to die
verse 2
march 9 1997 la california anouther 187 u were ready to die just like
yur album said so many playa hats that want to see u dead u took the
game of brooklyn and gave it to the whole world ur whole life revolved
around rap and ur lil girl i cant believe these rappers try to bite yo
style even em and 50 and 8 mile biggie small you was the le you was the
leg you was the legend i wonder if you and pac made peace in heaven
this song is dedticated to tupac shakur and biggie small


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