- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Twisted »

You got a nerve showing up here -
You turn around and call me crazy
Standing my ground - shedding no tears -
Hate to tell ya but I’m not your baby
Cant believe I waited this long
Your not the one who’s gonna save me
Your sweet lips wont do the job
This is it and I don’t mean maybe

Now that I found out what’s been going on
Is you not me whose really got it wrong

You took my mind and
Twisted - You took my heart and
How could I have missed the way you treated me
Things ain’t what they ought to be
Twisted - Took each thought and twisted
It’s your screw that’s loose - your neck’s in the noose

Better stand up don’t sit down
What I’m sayin’s gonna rock you senseless
Heard what you been puttin’ around
Hate to tell you but I ain’t defenseless
You had you cake now spit it out
I’m takin’ back all that good love I gave
Don’t you try to talk it out
With every word you dig a deeper grave

Now that I found out what been going on
It you not me whose really got it wrong

{au Refrain}

Same it’s all the same - there something here that
Needs my attention
Change now that I’ve changed I’ll turn it upside
down and find a new dimension

{au Refrain, x2}