- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Violent mood swings »

Motherfuck the way you think
You never made sense anyway
Building up to tear it down
You’re codependent on apathy
By design you fucking sterilize - so you desensitize
Make it easier to swallow
Self-involved you fucking took it all - who’s gonna take the fall
’cause it’s never gonna be the same, change

Don’t wanna see, don’t wanna think
Don’t wanna speak for yourself
It’s like a fucking disease and it shows

Repetition paves the way
All for you to weaken and sedate
So contrived and watered down
A fucking shadow of what should have been
Isolate so you can separate - and fucking terminate
To diffuse the situation
Force on me a common enemy - with no identity
Now it’s showing your perception too, too

You will never see