- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« We use the pain »
Guano Apes

Could you step away, I’m a vicious girl
could you fill the break
we’re on the right way, to swing the little axe
it’s the right day, to give up the tax

We use the pain, for our fantasy
we need some pain to find the right way
we love the pain and want some more of it
control the pain, chickenhead!

Right way turning, listen we are learning
head full of noise
chickens got no choice
heads are rollin
chickenblood is stolen
the rest of the chicken
wants to picke-nicken

Could you feed your chicken, cause I’m hungering
drinks and chips for free
the muscles like Bruce Lee


Right way turning listen we are learning...

Painfull, the table’s red
big storm and no regret
dark side, we use the pain
captain, we are lost insane
mother, we cut the dump, mother
mother, we all, we all, we all

Right way turning, listen we are learning...