- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« What if »
50 Cent

Im fuckin with this..
Its that classic shit..
That gangster shit..


[Chorus] :
Man I watch the sun go up and come down
Sayin.. what if?
Man I watch the tide roll in and roll out
Sayin.. what if?
Homie I play the block tryna get my packs off
Sayin.. what if?
Man if I get a shot, I can make it to the top
Damn.. what if?

If I got on some pretty boy shit like Puffy
Niggaz in the hood man they jus wouldnt love me
If I wore a suit everyday like Jay-Z
Niggaz would think I bumped my fuckin head and went crazy
If I put diamonds in my teeth like Baby
I wouldnt stand a chance of tryin to sell like Shady
If I put out bullshit joints like AZ
Every chance niggaz get they try n play me
But I move around with a lil 3.80
A nigga try to stunt, a nigga get sprayed B
If I smoke weed all day like Snoop do
I see the world different through my dialated pupils
If I buss dance moves on ya like Usher
Niggaz would say 50 that aint gangster, fuck ya
Man ima just keep doin’ what I do..
Cuz niggaz cant do me better than I do


What if I had blockbuster slips like Will Smith
And all the backpack niggaz love me like Mos Def
I probably be a cool ass nigga like Ice Cube
Picture me in the flick right now lookin’ so cool
What if I was a low-key nigga just laid back
Hustle to keep a homie around somebody to hold a gat
Man what if Halle Berry was my nex baby momz
Shit I get that child support up with no problem
If I caught a case and jump bail like??get caught??
Cuz im that nigga everybody know from New York
What if I was a new rap nigga you didnt know
You be sayin damn that kid got a sick flow
But if I just cruise through your hood on 22’s
Bumpin Curtis Mayfield and Marvin "So Smooth"
And if I let the top down on the Azure
Yeah that’d make you sick to your stomach, im sure