- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« When i close my eyes »
Bonnie Tyler

I never knew that I was standing in the rain
My mind was wandering back to you again
There’s a thousand miles between us
Though it feels a thousand more
Cos tonight I sleep alone
I never realized how time could drag on
Never thought about how long the days are
And I never heard my heart beat
Till the first night you were gone
Then I know I was alone

When I close my eyes and I think of you
I don’t feel so bad, I don’t feel so blue
When I need you here, all I do
I close my yes
Then I’m with you

I could see miracles
They wouldn’t mean a thing
I don’t want memories
If you’re not part of them
Any photograph without you
Would never grace my wall
I don’t wanna stand alone


Then I see you there
And I visualize, both of us touching, both of us touching
Then I hold you here
Can feel you now, I’m lost in the moment, lost in the moment
And I can’t let go cos I wont let go
I will keep holding, I will keep holding
When I clear my yes, to wipe away the tears
Everything shatters, everything’s gone

And I never heard my heart beat, till the first night you were gone
I never felt so lonely, I didn’t want to be alone