- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Whole world around »
Daniel Powter

Life’s been good I can’t complain so far
Designer clothes, expensive caviar
And gated homes to keep the wolves at bay
Tinted glass to hide my guilt and shame

Neon signs and vagrants at the door
Broken values, needles, liquor stores
And won’t somebody help me to believe
Help me to deny the things I see

But whatever comes your way
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but when it all comes down you make it through

You got the whole world around
You got the whole world around
Something tells me not to make a scene
Open up your heart and let me in

I’ve traveled far enough to meet my own demise
Seems like every one I know still wears the same disguise
Take me, rape me, push me down as long as I’m understood
Like the soldiers view from the bunkers to the towers on Park Avenue