- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Woman »

Woman in this world, I need your love x2

I meet you at the Green Park
In front of my square
Shining on the deep dark
That was always been there

Woman now I know you
I do declare
There is no more room to take in my heart

Refrain :
Come, come, write your name on those happy days
Oh please, come, follow my way

Woman, I want your love
Woman, I need it to leave now
Another day is gone
And I would never be alone
Open up your heart Celine
Now you are mine
It’s easy for you as for the yellow to shine

I used to sing that song but It was so empty now
My dream will be carried out
I’m gonna rock it with you now

Refrain x2


Refrain x2
Oh Celine, come come come, follow my way

Come, come, come...