- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Yo this is click-b we are all is b »
The Hong Kong Knife

Yo this is Click-B We are all is B
Yo friends the kiss friends

Uh I’m exhausted and I’m tired.. don’t worry, listen to me-
Happiness is at your fingertips. Kissing you..
Kiss friends

Even though our dreams are different
I’m going to make my dreams come true, yea
All of our minds are the same, Kiss friends

Just because it’s hard now, don’t ever get frustrated
Just like those people way in front of us who are taking it for us

Never forget it, until the very last moment
Don’t look back and run, all of us together

Never split up, we can make it all better!
Don’t get discouraged because I’m the one taking the pain.

Even if you fall a lot I won’t be disappointed in you
Don’t give it up, until the end, KISS friends

As much as there’s no choice in front of you
As wide as the sky is we’re going to proceed
Yell with strength, yo

You gota catch your dreams
Inside your fiery soul, keep your ambitions burning brightly
We have to keep our strength, you’re my girl

Either way, life will be hard
But even if a dark cloud comes like death we have to forget it all
We can’t throw away our hopes and dreams
We’re going to accomplish our dreams.

We’re going to win with this point in life

Don’t give it up and all for in come
We’re not going to fall
Our dreams are going to come true, KISS friends*

In this broad life
This chance that we’ve been given
If you fall down, uh, stand up again, we’re not going to look down upon you

Put your hands out, to the front, to the front, so that we can gain strength
Don’t hesitate, we’re going to win this
Even with this point in life we’ve won
We have accomplished our dreams now

* Repeat

Don’t be disappointed in life, stand up again
Until the last moment, we can’t forget
Don’t look at the tiring, hard aspects of life
Now look ahead into your life
Don’t ever think that you’re alone
Don’t be disappointed in life, embrace your dreams

* Repeat