- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« You&you »
Ulrik Munther

I just wanna love you baby
I just wanna be with you
Now you say your girlfriend like me
Baby now I love her to
Each morning, day and night
I do my best but
Baby I can’t help that
(I love her to)
I just wanna love you baby
Jessica and Scarlett too
And I think Rihanna wants me
Telling from the way she moves
She makes me feel like I’m
the only guy in

And I just can’t fight it
I love her too

Chorus :
I’m loving you and you and you
The way you dance
The way you move
I’m going crazy what to do?
I’m coming through
I’m coming through

I just wanna touch you baby
Falling to a mad desire
Think my teacher loves me
Telling from her ways of fire
(She made me touch myself)
Is that bad Karma?
I better call my mama
I love you too


Now and then I take the train the wrong direction
I sing a song out loud
Pray for your attention
I leave the TV on as treat for my obsessions
People longest stay here in your presence

I’m loving you and you and you
I’m going crazy loving you