- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Your reason (duet. soowon jang, jonghyuk oh) »
The Hong Kong Knife

Tears fell, an act that’s not like me
It wasn’t because of a sad movie I watched
It was because the thoughts came at that time

*While I was walking, I stopped at hearing the sudden music.
To me, it was a real strange occurrence.
I’m in pain because there is a bruise left somewhere in my heart.
When I looked in the mirror, the only things left in there were the invisible
I’m hurting this much, I’m depressed this much…
Your thoughts sprang up and then you came out…
I missed you so much, and I was in so much grief…
I finally came to know, finally knew your reason…


I know for sure that you’ve already left,
And I thought that you forgot it all

But you’re coming to me like this again, and I’m longing for you

Please return to me (return to me), give me one more time
You probably forgot me, you probably won’t even remember (won’t be able to)

What type of reason was I to you…
I finally know; finally know your reason…

That you are the most important thing to me…