- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Zan with that lean »
Soulja Boy

I’m in that Zan with that Lean
Smoke nuthin but Irene
Them hoes going crazy when I’m on the scene
Racks on the way busting out them jeans
I keep the hammer on me, I ain’t worried bout a thing
I got All these bandz on me, all this ice on me, all these hoes on me
Everything on me
Zan with that Lean
Nuthin but Irene
Hoes going crazy when I’m on the scene

Gotta go to the mall {Juice}
I gotta pull a band {Juice}
Fall off in the club, and I’m leaning like Kick Stand
All the ice on me {Juice}
All the bandz on me {Juice}
All the racks on me, it’s a master Piece
Got the hoes scream my name
Player life it’s shame, in the turning lane
In that drop top 5 flame
Bentley on them 4’s got me shittin on they ass
When I step inside the club with them mutha fuckin zans
SB my name, man you know that game
SOD all day put that shit straight to your face.
Boy beat this case, now we got them racks
Now you got them hoes, now you got them tats


Kush is on me {Juice}
With J-Money {Juice}
Riding down I-20 looking for some freaks (looking for some freaks)
Yellow diamonds shawty 100k a piece
Hop inside the VIP and all the girls on me
Zan with that Lean, SouljaBoy be clean
True religion jeans

Shit you never seen, fresh up on that scene
With that high right low left
Man the boy got wealth, girls can’t help they self
Girls going wild, lifting up they shirts
Pull up in that lambo, that bitch go skirttt skirttt
Every where I go you know I’m putting in that work
SOD my turf.
Hit ’em where it hurt


Zan with that Lean
Smoke Nuthin but Irene [x2]
Bandz on me [x2]
All this ice on me, I ain’t worried bout a thing