- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
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The Boxer Rebellion

Leave your cigarettes
Take this flesh and bone
Leave me out your word
The best I’ve ever
Going to pull apart
every worry
always left to chance
you know, you...

And I
I want

Steady words apart
Choice to be alone
Pride to take the place
Of a another

you can come along
you could come along

It’s the start of it
It’s the start

And I
I want

Right is heavy inspiration
Pulling on the country peace
Heavy heart recognition
Barked by heavy place I leave
Whined in every voice of reason
From a moment age before
It’s a part of us
It’s a part

And I
I want

Worries reside
No brace to this place
Is still behind

I’m home

You’ll done corner story
You’ll done corner story